NOW HIRING: Web App UI Designer

Company: Simplero
Headquarters: New York, United States

Are you excited and inspired to create the best, most elegant, most usable, most engaging, fun, exciting, and useful product out there? Do you eat, live and breathe great user interface design? Are you obsessed with software and how it can help make people better at what they do?

If so, I want you to join my product team.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Calvin Correli, and I’m looking for two phenomenal UI Designers to join my team. I founded Simplero, a software company that helps coaches, authors, and speakers transform lives at scale through online courses and memberships.

I’m a product visionary, an engineer, and a product guy at heart. I want to partner with you in raising the bar on web UI design, in how it can be designed to let users accomplish their goals, but also take them on a journey of growth, for their business, and—by extension—for themselves personally.

I want a UI that shows them where they’re at, what’s next, and what’s possible.

That highlights the parts of their business that are doing great, and the parts that need attention.

That helps benchmark them against others to see where they have room for improvement, and where they’re ahead.

That gives them a complete overview of their business without overwhelming someone just starting out.

It’s a difficult challenge to solve. Maybe even impossible. But where would we be if no-one ever tried the impossible? So let’s team up and create something we can all be insanely proud of by the time we’re done.

And then, of course, it’s on to the next challenge 🙂

We’re an all-remote team of 35 passionate about service, personal growth, and simplicity. We have helped 2500 customers in 30 countries make over $170M in real money. We’re bootstrapped and profitable, changing lives with our product and our service, we’re providing livelihoods, and we’re offering a valuable service, especially in these times.

I created Simplero because I wanted to teach spirituality to entrepreneurs. Why?

Because self-aware and purposeful entrepreneurs are the key to solving all the challenges we face in this world. And coaches are the ones that help the entrepreneurs (and other people) be self-aware and find and live their life purpose.

Simplero is growing, and we’re adding more companies and projects to our family. As we continue to grow, we want to expand our reach as far as we can, and that’s why we need you.


A Little Bit About You:

  • You’re passionate about UI, always studying, learning, solving complex UI challenges while you shower because … because you can’t help it.
  • You can quickly sketch UI by hand, and make it look decent … this is super important. We won’t have time to do computer sketches when we’re brainstorming.
  • You love learning, and you’re a very quick study
  • You easily get the big picture
  • You can take something abstract and make it concrete and practical
  • You love users and love seeing the smile on their faces when you hit the sweet spot
  • You have a strong visual sense and can make things that are beautiful and functional

What You’ll Do:

  • Work closely with Calvin on product vision and UI design, both big picture, and in detail
  • Work closely with our engineering team to understand the technical limitations and possibilities
  • Work closely with our product team to understand our customers and their world, their needs, their business
  • Work on UI design sketches in increasing levels of granularity, from high-level concepts to implementation-ready pixel-perfect designs, based on feedback from all stakeholders

What You’ll Need:

  • A portfolio of great UI designs that you have personal created
  • Examples of your hand-drawn low-fi UI sketches
  • A sharp mind and intense hunger for learning


Working with Calvin and Simplero will accelerate your career and allow you to work with world-class talent. We’re a team that loves what we do and thrive on our ability to make an impact. Some benefits that come with working with us are flexible work hours, coaching by our team coach, and lots of opportunities for training and skills development. After all, our business is about personal and spiritual growth!

Source: We Work Remotely, Simplero

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NOW HIRING: Cloud Architect (DevOps)

Company: Breezy HR
Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Breezy HR’s a globally loved SaaS hiring platform for SMBs.

About The Role

We’re looking for a Cloud Architect to join the team that builds the platform that runs Breezy. Leading our growing AWS infrastructure team, you’ll help software engineers deliver faster, better, and more reliably.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Define and drive & scale the infrastructure powering Breezy into the future
  • Development and maintenance of cloud-hosted infrastructure running Breezy APIs, website, services and internal tooling
  • Design and implementation of new infrastructure solutions
  • Ensure smooth adoption of new infrastructure solutions
  • Automating processes to improve our team’s productivity and reliability
  • Help our engineers instrument our products and platform
  • On-call application support

What We’re Looking For

  • 5+ years of experience in software development / DevOps
  • 5+ years of experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SES, SNS, RDS, Elasticache, Elastic Beanstalk)
  • Self-motivated do-er of things and solver of problems
  • Experience with Node, Javascript, MongoDB
  • Strong experience with Unix / Linux based systems
  • Knowledgeable in at least one scripting language / Python preferred
  • Willingness to go above-and-beyond to help our team succeed
  • Always looking for new ways to solve problems
  • Adaptable to new tools, processes and procedures
  • Great communication / documentation skills

Bonus Stuff

  • Hands-on experience with automation / orchestration tools (Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • HTTP / reverse-proxies (ELB, Nginx, HAProxy, CloudFront, etc.)
  • DNS
  • Git

What We Offer

  • Great medical, dental, vision insurance
  • 401k plan + % company match
  • 2 weeks paid vacation
  • Amazing team & culture
  • Remote work!

Source: We Work Remotely, Breezy HR

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NOW HIRING: Quality Assurance and Customer Success Associate

Company: Serial Box
Headquarters: New York, United States

We’re building the future of reading and listening. Join us.
Serial Box creates short, immersive stories that you can listen to or read. We produce completely original series and tell official new stories around storyworlds like BBC’s Orphan Black and characters like Marvel’s Black Panther and Jessica Jones.

Our investors have backed companies like Gimlet, Glossier, Slate, Warby Parker, Hotel Tonight, Outdoor Voices. We’ve been featured in The New York Times, Wired, NPR, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Variety, and Forbes.

“Like Game of Thrones but for your ears”—i09
“The HBO of reading”—NPR
“Best of the year”—Apple
“Must-have app”—Buzzfeed
About the Role:

We are hiring for a Quality Assurance and Customer Success Associate to join our team. In this role, you’ll help out on the front lines of our customer success function, managing customer relationships with our growing user base. Additionally, you’ll help our product and technology teams test features before roll out to help us proactively identify pain points from the users perspective.

Major responsibilities:

  • Respond quickly and efficiently to user emails, bug reports, reviews, surveys, and more.
  • Communicate with users in line with Serial Box’s unique brand voice, through strong writing and a lively communication style.
  • Develop relationships with our users and help deliver an awesome user experience
  • Track and maintain records of user issues, feedback, and complaints.
  • Act as a voice and advocate for users, keeping the team informed of common user complaints and feedback.
  • Collaborate with product and technology teams to run QA tests for apps and website releases; identify and document bugs/issues that users might encounter.
  • Work closely with the Serial Box development team to understand app and website problems and coordinate associated updates and fixes based on customer feedback.
  • Provide IT-related tech support to Serial Box employees

Job requirements

You are:

  • A great communicator and someone who loves problem-solving.
  • Tech savvy and able to troubleshoot user issues and give concrete, specific feedback about the app and platform.
  • Patient, empathetic, and care about users’ experience.
  • Familiar with mobile (iOS and Android) app and website QA best practices and processes, including but not limited to, writing and executing manual test cases and reporting test results.
  • Comfortable writing clear, detailed and actionable bug reports.
  • Excited to have a big impact on a growing company and to help define the future of audio and reading.
  • A highly organized, detail-oriented self-starter who can work independently and as part of a team.

Nice to have:

  • Access to multiple iOS and Android devices including, but not limited to: iPhone(s), an iPad, Android phone(s), and Android tablet or has testing experience using native device emulators.
  • Experience working in an agile/scrum environment.
  • Experience with customer service software like Zendesk and Instabug

Working hours: 20 hours a week. At least 10 of these hours must be between the hours of 11 am – 1 pm ET. Preferred schedule: M-F 3.5 hrs/day, S-Sun 1.25 hrs/day.

Source: Best Remote Job, Serial Box

NOW HIRING: Senior Video Editor and Visual Storyteller

Company: Interaction Design Foundation
Headquarters: Aarhus, Denmark

Love motion pictures and visual storytelling? Want to help craft educational videos about design that are every bit as high-end as what National Geographic does for the natural world? Want to showcase your skills in every frame while casting powerful ideas into thousands of minds daily? That’s a big audience, hence why we’re looking for serious talent.

The Interaction Design Foundation is the biggest online design school globally. Founded in 2002, we have over 80,000 graduates and counting. We’re market leaders in online design education because the world’s leading experts create our content and because we’re specialized in design. What’s more, with over 1.5 million monthly visitors, we’re at the forefront of providing premier design education to such organizations as IBM and SAP, as well as thousands of other members. Our ever-growing community now needs a first-class Video Editor and Visual Storyteller to help each of them along their learning journey.

Visual storytelling is a huge part of our winning formula: to reach our members on that magic level where they’re captivated to complete their course while feeling utterly inspired every step of the way. It’s about bringing entire worlds of knowledge so close that our members can taste and digest each morsel of delicious learning effortlessly and that—and this is the big one—they stay addicted to learning!

You will, therefore, become an essential part of our team, someone who is making a direct impact on not only the growth and reputation of our foundation but also the whole world of education and beyond!

This is a paid full-time position which is location independent: You’re free to work from wherever you want in the world. You will have regular video-based contact with your colleagues and get to meet them physically on team trips.


  • You’ll be working closely with our UX design experts, founders and other team members to make the most inspiring and engaging lesson videos for our ever-growing catalog of courses. Videos are the best way to educate, and we have the best instructors: people who live and breathe UX design and many associated subjects. That means you’ll need to produce the best material to support what they’re teaching and employ all the tricks you know to make this magic a reality!
  • You’ll feel energized as you take your skillset to an even higher level among a highly ambitious and supportive team. Your expertise and eagle eye can help us refine our visual presence yet further and improve our video style guide. In fact, your sheer talent and eye for detail will be a big part in shaping the future of our video production and—by association—of design itself!

So, what do our videos look like? Well, here’s an example of what’s called a “design story”. In it, we filmed various airports and compared some aspects of their designs. As you can see, educational videos are not merely “talking heads with slides”.

This next video shows you what our educational videos—based on interviews and lectures—look and feel like. You’ll also notice how much we put into fine details: e.g., actually making a phone out of cardboard specifically for this video.

And this third video shows just how much emphasis and effort we put into animations, footage and on-screen text to give the ultimate learning experience:

So, if after seeing these videos you think “I could do better than that!”, then we’d love to hear from you!


  • You have worked as a professional full-time video editor for at least 4 years.
  • You have solid experience in working with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.
  • You can push video learning ’one step beyond’, so your animations, illustrations, on-screen text and other visual effects work in perfect harmony to complement each instructor’s material and produce the ’wow’ factor. If you can make your own awesome animations, that’s even better!
  • You can place an entire, self-contained learning reality right in the mind of each member so all they have to do is watch and learn… and then feel extra-hungry to get out there and apply their new-found knowledge.
  • You have a love affair with the world of storytelling in film and impressing viewers through every frame of the journey.
  • You know visual storytelling is more than the sum of its parts, and the overall effect is vital.
  • And you have an ultra-sharp eye for the parts that make up the whole, right down to those finest details that are extra important to you. So, you catch any glitches, problems with continuity and other imperfections such as lighting and audio-related issues. You cringe at the idea of even the smallest rough edge creeping in to ruin a frame or make a transition jerky.
  • You love an environment of striving—and stretching—for perfection. You’re supremely competent and confident in working independently to produce the best material, and you know and love what a perfect product looks like.
  • You understand how others’ input can sometimes help you get the distance you need to see those odd bits that can flaw an otherwise-perfect result.
  • And, last but not least, you can see the world in terms of moving pictures, of powerful narratives waiting to be told and of matching our instructors’ zest and energy with your own natural passion for bringing ideas to life… and serving it all up in a way that screams extra care, extra value, extra-super choice to our members… and everyone they tell about what they got from us.

Source: Remote OK, Interaction Design Foundation

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NOW HIRING: Software QA Expert

Company: Deep Consulting Solutions
Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

We are looking for self-motivated and results-driven software professionals to join our Global Tech Team and help us leverage automation and technology to transform remarkable companies and free people from unnecessary work.

Our Approach

We work with niche western (US, Canada, UK, etc.) companies to restructure and automate their operation so that their businesses can grow 5-10x. We do that by effectively analyzing their business, streamlining their processes, then designing an effective automation solution that we then implement on our robust IT stack.

We make extensive use of new technologies that help us accomplish results with less work – making everyone inside of our global organization more effective. This principle applies both for our software development and for our testing.

We develop our software solutions using the most modern platforms – including Amazon AWS, Zoho, Vonage/Nexmo, and others. These solutions, once implemented, will play a critical role in our client’s organization and in effect run their business for them. It is thus vital that these solutions get thoroughly and rigorously tested before being rolled out.

For testing our software, we believe that a good testing strategy must involve a rigorous analysis of the business requirements before the software gets built, allowing to properly analyze the solution to be created, create vetted and effectively formulated solution requirements, and then have the solution built and tested to these requirements.

We are looking for people who share this approach with us and who are willing to think ahead, plan, and anticipate problems before they arise.

What We Offer

Results Focused Approach to Work.
We do not look at people’s activities, the number of lines of text/code written, etc. as a quantifiable measure of success. Instead, we look at results – measured by effective solution roll outs and flawless operation of the system in the client’s business – and it is these results that impact our employees’ appraisal – with the compensation plan heavily tied to results.

Freely Arranged Schedule.
You decide when you want to work. What we expect from you are results. There is a daily stand-up call – but outside of it, you can manage your schedule as you prefer.

Work like an Expert, not just a Tester.
You make a deep dive in the business situation and the software solution design brought to you by our Business Analysts and Product Design Architects – you then investigate them and come up with a strategy on how to test which you then leverage the automation for. This approach allows you to get deep experience in the various aspects of business and software applied to it – making the most effective use of your time as an intelligent expert – not just a trivial tester.

Opportunities to grow within our organization.

We are a dynamic and growing organization with a team spread around multiple continents. If you prove yourself as a responsible, driven and motivated individual, there will be opportunities for you to take more responsibilities – such as managing teams and large projects.

Additionally, you are always encouraged to research the newest and best technologies to apply in your work – so you are always keeping up with the technological progress.

Merit Based Candidate Selection Process.

1 – Job Application Form.
2 – Online Skill Assessment.
3 – Interview.
4 – Paid Practical Assignment.
5 – Evaluation and Offer.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Software QA Expert, you will be responsible for the Tech Department delivering a functional and flawless software solution that is ready to be rolled out into our client’s business. Depending on your level of responsibility, you will either be in charge of the project as the whole or a part of the project.

In accomplishing your goal will:

  • Analyze in depth the business situation and the solution design put together by our Business Analysis and Design Teams.
  • Vet the requirements before they go in production and plan your testing strategy based on vetted requirements.
  • Execute your testing strategy with manual and automated methods.
  • Work with the rest of the Tech Department to ensure that necessary revisions are made to the solution when problems are found in the most effective way.
  • Do anything you deem necessary to accomplish your result.


You must be:

  • A mature and responsible individual driven by results and not activities.
  • An individual with genuine interest in technology.
  • Willing to learn, grow, and admit mistakes.
  • Able to communicate with other people on the project’s team effectively.

You must have the following skills/experience:

  • Experience with Software Testing on commercial grade projects.
  • Experience with Software Development Lifecycle and working in Software Teams.
  • Strong Analytical Skills and at least basic experience with Software Requirements / Systems Analysis.
  • Experience with various manual and automated testing methodologies.

The following will be a good plus:

  • Experience with CRM and ERP systems such as Zoho, Salesforce and others.
  • Experience with complex software solutions involving a lot of complex integrations, calculations, real time interactions, etc.

Source: Remote OK

NOW HIRING: Backend Engineer – Ruby

Company: Theorem, LLC
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States

Founded in 2007, Theorem LLC (formerly Citrusbyte) is a remote-first, fully distributed, technology consulting company.

Our customers, F1000’s and startups alike, come to us because they need to change how something is done in order to succeed and they’re looking for a solution that isn’t just about technology — but also people, process and leadership. We consult, form a diverse team of experts, and deliver strategy and execution all under one roof.

Our services range from new product development, pure R&D, legacy modernization, pricing strategy development, revenue generation, process optimization, to organizational transformation and cultural design.

Learn more about Theorem LLC at:


As Experienced backend Engineer you will use Ruby as a core language and associated frameworks, to build a scalable platform that revolutionizes the way our client interacts with their customer. You will create and review pull requests daily and engage with internal teams and directly with clients with an agile environment. You will work in small teams with a product manager, designers and other engineers to scope design and implement features. You will provide input on app architecture.


As our Experienced Ruby Backend Engineer you have deep knowledge of the Ruby language and you make it a habit of learning the mechanics behind the magic of any framework.

You are a passionate technologist with the discipline to create and finish projects. You have opinions about your favorite open source projects, or perhaps you have contributed to some or started one of your own. You are a communicator. Whether you are raising the flag within an implementation or sharing your favorite playlist in Slack, you will not shy away from letting your voice be heard.

While we have team members all over the world, our current project needs require team members who are physically located between UTC -3 and UTC -8.


  • Architect and build web applications using Ruby
  • Be a leader-contributor on a team creating a distributed system that will change the way people shop and interact in a retail environment
  • Collaborate with product designers and clients to clarify requirements, prototype functionality and build products
  • Plan, estimate and prioritize work in a remote, distributed team environment
  • Guide our clients in best practices in order to achieve great project success


  • 5 + years of professional software development experience
  • 2+ years of production experience utilizing Ruby on Non-Rails environments
  • Demonstrated proficiency with server side development using 2 or more programming languages such as Typescript, Scala, Python, Go or Rust
  • Previous remote work experience is required
  • Previous experience collaborating on highly distributed teams
  • Previous experience in a consultative environment is required
  • Experience working within an Agile/Scrum environment.
  • Possess a strong and reliable internet connection.


  • You are able to hit the ground running within your area of expertise and are not afraid of challenges outside of it
  • Thrive on collaborating with other team members and across disciplines
  • You are happy to receive feedback and see it as an opportunity for reflection and improvement
  • You are always learning – Whether you are learning to help your team and customer work through new concepts and technology
  • You are astute, you know when to push an issue and when to let things lie
  • You are friendly – you reach out to your teammates even if they aren’t on your project team
  • You can work through ambiguity – you aren’t shy about asking questions to gain clarity
  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial – always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the company externally and internally


  • 100% REMOTE
  • TEAM RETREAT – Once a year the entire Theorem team gets together at an inspiring location to meet, work and play.
  • HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND – HAPPY TEAM – We offer paid vacation and support healthy lifestyles through our physical fitness benefits program.
  • HEALTHCARE & FINANCE – For US & UK based full time employees; we have comprehensive benefits.

Theorem expects all team members to be honest, trustworthy, and operate with integrity. Discrimination and all unlawful harassment (including sexual harassment) in employment is not tolerated. We encourage success based on our individual merits and abilities, and all decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, promotion, compensation, employee development decisions such as training, and all other terms and conditions of employment, are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications without regard to race, genetics, nationality, national origin, citizenship status, employment status, ethnicity, ethnic origin, color, creed, religion, belief, age, family or parental status, pregnancy, marital status, sex, gender, sex or gender assigned at birth, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual preference, lifestyle, social class, military status, disability, hairstyle, physical features, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate.

We oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination. Theorem encourages applicants of all ages. Theorem is an equal opportunity employer. No statements by Theorem are intended to create an offer of employment unless made in writing, signed by an officer of the company and no offer shall become effective unless countersigned by the prospective employee.

Source: Best Remote Job, Theorem, LLC

NOW HIRING: Breaking Newsdesk

Company: Axios
Headquarter: New York, United States



Quick Take: Axios is a new digital media company that gets you smarter, faster with news that matters. We’re hiring a Freelancer for our Newsdesk!

Why it Matters: In this role, you will support our news stream by writing and managing the flow of news stories as they break. You will be coordinating with reporters and working with our news desk editors to ensure copy gets up on our stream in a timely fashion.

The Details: Ideal candidates will embody an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for Axios’ mission and have the following skills:

  • Demonstrated interest in news and the evolution of the media industry
  • Experience aggregating, reporting or editing on a fast paced, breaking news desk
  • Familiarity with SEO to optimize story views
  • Proven attention to detail on fact checking and copy editing
  • Positive attitude and ability to thrive in high-pressure news environments
  • Willingness to work nights and weekends

Source: Best Remote Job, Axios

NOW HIRING: Software Engineering Manager

Company: Territory Foods
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia, United States

Territory Foods is hiring a Software Engineering Manager to lead and support our software development team. This role will apply strategies to enhance our development process while managing the technical backlog, building best practices around scoping tasks, managing our team of engineers, and working cross-functionally to implement features that meet the needs of our customers and internal stakeholders. When necessary, this person can jump in the code and weigh-in with expertise on best practice technical solutions and architecture. This person understands the company’s technology at a deep level and can lead the development team in executing the product strategy.

About Territory

We’re a platform for the next generation of wellness, focused on the hardest problem — personalized nutrition. We are a direct-to-consumer eCommerce company selling chef-crafted, delicious fresh food for food tribes (representing 39% of the U.S. population, including Whole30, gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, and vegetarian). Territory Foods operates in four markets (DC, DFW, SoCal, and the Bay Area) through multiple distribution models, and is actively expanding into new products and geographic regions. In each region, we work with amazing chefs using responsibly-sourced ingredients to create healthy meals that our customers rely on to meet their health & wellness goals.


  • Provide engineering leadership to our development team in scheduling and assigning development tasks, following up on work results, analyzing strategies, and recognizing and coaching team members as appropriate
  • Advocate for developers and address technical debt while balancing business needs
  • Manage sprints and create milestones
  • Partner with our Product Manager to scope feature releases to align with our product roadmap
  • Work towards scalability and flexibility within our web application and its integrations
  • Manage feature development through design, implementation, testing, and reporting
  • Participate in code review processes and provide concrete feedback and ensure best practices are followed
  • Track and report out on KPIs and performance, insights and optimization opportunities
  • Present project initiatives to upper-level management communicating the financial and operational impact of any changes

Your Mindset & Experience

You’re a smart, creative, and strategic leader looking for levers of success for the business. You care deeply about team dynamics and understand how to unlock performance for team members across different levels, locations, and working styles. You want to play a key role at a high-growth enterprise that’s trying to make a significant difference in the world.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of experience managing a technical team
  • Experience as a developer building web applications
  • Clear, effective communicator who is passionate about agile development with engagement from business stakeholders
  • Ability to run a lean in-house development team and contract resources
  • Prior experience managing a 100% remote development team
  • Ideally, experience with Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, and Heroku
  • Nice-to-have: Experience with e-commerce, payment processing, and order fulfillment

Position Location

100% remote. Our development team is dispersed across the US with resources in Colorado, Michigan, Los Angeles, and North Carolina. Leadership is spread across New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Our Environment

We’re a mission-driven company that is motivated by making healthy eating crazy simple and delicious for our customers. We care deeply about the health and sustainability of the communities in which we serve and are committed to building a business that enriches the lives of our customers and partners.

We try to reflect that mission in how we work:

  • We are a distributed, remote team with team members all over the country, and trust is paramount to our working environment. We live in Slack.
  • We have a culture of self-accountability where our team holds themselves to a very high standard and gets great satisfaction from doing excellent work.
  • We are a venture-backed startup so we are growing and innovating rapidly – our pace is fast and you have to love it.
  • We offer competitive compensation & benefits including health, dental & vision insurance, and 401k. Benefits also include food and fitness reimbursement.
  • We believe at our core that the most important thing for anyone is to do challenging work that you’re naturally drawn to with a team you dig in order to make a meaningful difference in the world.

To Apply

To throw your hat into the ring, please email with your resume.

Source: Best Remote Job, Territory Foods

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NOW HIRING: Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Company: Codelitt
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States

Codelitt is looking for a Ruby on Rails senior engineer with experience building highly complex applications. You will be responsible for architecting and implementing a currently in-progress internal product. You will be the lead developer of a small team, and work together with a designer and project manager to achieve the goals of the application.


  • Architect and develop a Ruby on Rails application
  • Discuss features and offer possible solutions
  • Estimate tasks accordingly based on your past experiences
  • Provide and receive feedback on pull requests
  • Maintain the application’s development/QA/production servers and keep them up and running
  • Provide help and guidance to other engineers on the project
  • In the future, in case you are interested, you may be part of the mentorship team and help guide less experienced engineers with their careers

In 1 month, you’ll:

  • Get an understanding of the engineering department processes, tools, and practices
  • Understand the project architecture and goals
  • Receive access to our learning resources
  • Be part of the engineering department decision making
  • Start a mentorship process with the Chief Technology Officer

In 3 months+, you’ll:

  • Own the project from an engineering point of view
  • Every quarter you’ll receive feedback about your performance with guidance about how to improve on your career
  • Lead the project you are now responsible for, alongside your engineering colleagues


  • At least 3 years of professional experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience working and collaborating with teams
  • Experience in Linux and command line a must
  • Solid Javascript experience a must
  • You know how to architect all components of front-end projects
  • You have experience reading the API documentation and working with different endpoints to compose the desired effect
  • You know how to run projects through solid processes (Git flow, code reviews, reviewing stories, planning)
  • Picks up new technologies quickly and efficiently
  • Uses Git for all of your projects
  • Creates tests before they write code (TDD is your thing)
  • Knowledge of OOP and software design principles
  • Driven, ambitious, and interested in tech
  • Self-motivated
  • Acumen. You must be able to think of and judge multiple solutions for a problem and be able to reason between them
  • You know how to build secure apps
  • You know how to optimize frontend load times, debug rendering issues, and overall provide a smooth experience to the user
  • Knowledge of responsive frontends


  • Competitive salary ($45,000 – $70,000)
  • 2 weeks of vacation per year and flexible sick leave
  • Healthcare benefits, including dental and vision (US Only)
  • Your birthday off
  • Your local public holidays off
  • Maternity and paternity benefits
  • The chance to work with some of the most prestigious clients in the world
  • Learn from the best and brightest in product development, including design, engineering, user testing, and more
  • The flexibility to work anywhere you prefer and feel most productive
  • Numerous team building events throughout the year

Note: We are not working with recruiting agencies at this time.

Source: Remote OK, Codelitt

NOW HIRING: Training Specialist

Company: Graylog
Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States

Graylog is a leading open source log management system that enables fast and efficient problem analysis in the areas of security, compliance, operations and DevOps. Our enterprise product enables large organizations to capture, store and analyze terabytes of machine data in near-real time.

We are a young, growing company with locations in Germany and the USA.

Graylog is seeking a dedicated Training Specialist to support of rapid growth and adoption with our existing customers and partners. In this role, you will:

  • Lead the selection and implement a training delivery platform.
  • Own the design and creation of the Graylog training curriculum.
  • Prepare and deliver technical Graylog training to end users and administrators – in-person (eventually), online, and through self-paced learning systems – with the objective of ensuring maximum value of Graylog solution to our customers.
  • Work with the Customer Success Team to ensure customers are well positioned to effectively operate Graylog on their own and expand their use cases.
  • Assist partners in adopting and adapting the training curriculum in order to support their customers’ Graylog implementation.
  • Assist with training new Graylog hires on the use and administration of Graylog.
  • Work closely with the Marketing team to reuse content, training, and certification programs in demand generation and pre-sales activities.

What is Required?

We are looking for an energetic training specialist who is experienced in educating customers on the use and adoption of enterprise software and building lasting customer relationships. The ideal candidate will have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education, business, human resources, information technology, or related field.
  • Two years’ experience as a trainer, corporate training specialist, or related position.
  • Experience with technologies and best practices for instructional manuals and teaching platforms.
  • Technical Subject matter expert in Linux, preferably with application in log management or similar IT Operations / IT Security applications.
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to supervise multiple projects.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management.
  • Strong leadership, team building, mentoring, and management skills.
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze problems and strategize for better solutions.
  • Certification from talent and training associations is a plus.

Who are you?

We are looking for teammates that will contribute to making Graylog better every day and have fun doing it.

  • You have unwavering personal integrity and work ethic.
  • You are flexible! You are a team player and excel individually as the situation dictates.
  • You ask, “how we can, not why we can’t”.
  • You have a great sense of humor.
  • You are passionate, optimistic, and energetic.
  • You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and improvement and the desire to grow in your role and with the company!
  • You are up to speed in the latest Cyber Security and Software trends… you work relentlessly to be innovative and stay relevant for the benefits of our customers, partners, employees, and company.
  • You evoke inspiration in those around you and encourage them to create their best work.
  • You work for the best interest of the team at all times.
  • You are proactive; a tenacious self-starter to the core.
  • You graciously give and receive feedback.

Apply now and you will hear back from us soon.

Source: Best Remote Job, Graylog