Rosanna Webb Freelancer/Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager

Hi! Welcome to my virtual haven! I’m Rosanna Webb, the owner of this site. I’m a freelancer who works online. My workplace is actually just about anywhere. And this is exactly what I enjoy in freelancing. I’ve discovered freelancing because through my co-workers at a company which is owned and operated by our American bosses. Our task varies as a virtual assistant and they are all done online.  Apart from working full-time, most of my colleagues have also side jobs and that is —- freelancing. I’ve learned about it after having conversations with some of them and followed their route.

The pay is good. You work whenever you want and where you want. These were the things that ignited my interest to consider freelancing.  Ecstatic, I began to scout for potential clients online and submitted proposals to these prospects. I assumed that searching for clients is hassle-free and just similar in applying to a local job hiring but that’s not the case. I’ve browsed the web of any online jobs that best suited to my skills and capabilities. I contacted various clients and we discussed about the project. I was normally interviewed through Skype while other clients restrict the interaction within emails.

The job ended up being awarded to me and I started working on the task straight away. When payment comes, the client stopped communicating and is not responding to any of my messages anymore. I could sense that something is drastically wrong. I don’t want to waste much time, so I managed to move on to my next prospect upon seeing that the client will never pay me. This has happened almost three times and I don’t want to experience more of this. So, I looked for other ways on how I can get clients the safer route. I googled and that’s when I found Odesk, a freelancing platform. From all of the best freelancing sites listed, Odesk (now called Upwork) is in the number one spot.

Through my research, Upwork is legit and REALLY PAYS freelancers. And this is the very first thing that I’m so eager to know. The information regarding Upwork has relieved my hesitations and paranoia on scams. Thus, I created a profile and started my journey as a freelancer.  My first working experience in Upwork was satisfying. It went well. I got paid. So, I’m happy. I started using Upwork in 2011 up to the present (2017). At that time, I don’t have my own computer so I was working inside the noisy atmosphere of net cafes. That has been a struggle for me considering that it’s difficult to work in a place jam packed with disturbances and I was unable to talk to the client each time he requires me to be online in his timezone.

My clients were mostly from US and their business hours tend to be early mornings here in my country.  It’s hard to find net cafes that are still open in wee hours. And finally, I was able to purchase my own laptop and a desktop computer from my years of working online. Today, many people would also like to freelance merely because they find it convenient and pays them even more. As a freelancer myself, I would like to share my knowledge to my fellow freelancers and offer my assistance to those who would like to become a freelancer like me.

I created this site to support and connect to all freelancers around the world while providing tips and useful information about freelancing to aspiring freelancers. You are all welcome to visit this virtual hub!

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