NOW HIRING: Senior Frontend Developer (React)

Company: Fieldboom
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia


A Bit About Us

First and foremost, we are advocates of small business owners – we know their struggles, we empathize with them and we want to help them grow their businesses

We’re building beautifully simple SaaS software to help them collect and analyze feedback that will help them grow their business using data, not guess work

We’re a remote team full of razor-sharp engineers, designers, content creators and marketers who love to learn and seek to continually get better

Our founder has a product/engineering/marketing background and has launched multiple companies which have generated 9-figures in combined revenue


A Bit About You (As A Person)

  • You are a learning machine – and rarely let a day go by where you don’t learn something
  • You know, like and agree with most of the views shared by the Basecamp guys
  • You value honesty, integrity and hard work immensely
  • You have hobbies outside of work and work doesn’t define you as a person
  • You want to join a team full of smart, creative people you will learn from
  • You’re looking for a career, not just another job


A Bit About You (Tech)

  • You have 2+ years of solid front-end dev experience working on large SPAs
  • You work well with back-end developers and have a good understanding of (and respect for) the relationship between product managers and engineers
  • You’ve been part of a remote team before or you’ve freelanced for at least 2 years


In terms of languages, frameworks, etc, here’s what we’re using right now – and what you’ll need excellent familiarity with to be a great fit for this role:

  • React
  • Redux
  • SCSS
  • Jest
  • Docker


What You’ll Do

  • Build out the front-end components that we’ll re-use as we’re building the product
  • Work closely with our other engineers to build new features that will help our customers collect, analyze and use feedback to grow their businesses
  • Fix front-end related bugs, performance issues, etc as they arise
  • Write highly readable, highly performance code that’s easy to pick up by other devs
  • Wear many hats – you know that’s the reality when you’re part of a small team


We Are For You If…

You want to learn from a founder who has launched multiple companies and see a job not just as a way to write code and get paid for it, but as a great learning opportunity

You value a team that works both hard and smart – who are obsessed with helping customers and honing their craft more than anything

You actually want to love your job, the people you work with and the software you help create, instead of simply tolerating them


How To Apply

Please email the following to

  • An overview of a front-end project you’ve worked on that you were the most proud of (what, specifically, did you do, who was in your team and what did you learn)
  • A link to anywhere we can learn more about you (blog, web site, LinkedIn, Github, etc)
  • Any examples of UI/UX design work, if you have any (screenshots, portfolio, etc)
  • The best book you’ve read this year and why (can be non work-related)
  • Your hourly rate (see below)

Please Note: This is a 40 hour per week contractor role with the opportunity to go full-time as a salaried employee in 2018 for the right candidate.





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