NOW HIRING: Full Stack Rails Developer

Headquarters: Boston, MA


  • Are you a Rails swat ninja global superstar?
  • Are you gaga for GitHub?
  • Pirouette in Pivotal?
  • Tippy for testing?

We are a team of startup veterans with a defined product and clear business model. We are profitable, gaining traction, and expanding our business into new areas. We are growing our highly talented, distributed development TEAM. We have been working remotely together for five years. Our recent core collaboration toolset: Slack, GitHub, Pivotal, and Hangouts.


  • You have 2+ years of full stack Ruby on Rails experience
  • You know JavaScript pretty well (we use React and Angular)
  • You are looking for 30+ hours a week of contract development work
  • You can work remotely
  • You have experience with complex product architectures
  • You are ready to work hard (sustainably) and LOVE working in collaborative, nimble environments
  • You have worked on a large Rails code base with other developers
  • You have supported a Rails application in production
  • This is not your first rodeo

About par8o

par8o is named after the 19th Century Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, who first defined the powerful economic concept of “Pareto optimality” in which a system is able to maximize benefits for each and every participant. When applied to the healthcare industry, Pareto optimality holds the promise of being able to improve overall access to healthcare while lowering costs.


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