NOW HIRING: SaaS Slack & Email Integration – UX Designer / Software Developer
Headquarters: Raleigh

This a part-time, freelance position. This role is virtual and can be done remotely, however we prefer candidates from North America, South America, or Europe.

Project Brief

We are bootstrapping a commercial Enterprise SaaS application designed to enable highly collaborative strategic planning and goal execution across very large companies.  This application supports a series of both structured and ad-hoc interactions between users. We are at a stage where we need to begin designing and then technically implementing how we will integrate and facilitate our application process steps and collaborative messaging “outside” our application via integrations with “local / native” tools, for example:  Slack, Jira, ZenDesk and corporate email to name just a few.

Ideal Candidate (s)

We seek freelancers that have proven experience designing and developing integrations between collaborative SaaS applications and common enterprise tools which addresses the following challenges:

– What is the ideal User Experience for engineering flows between other collaboration tools?

– What are the best UX patterns for inter-operating with other tool types including Persistent Group Messaging, Ticketing, and Email

– What are the simplest and most elegant technical approaches for enabling the UX around cross tool integration?

— For example:

— Are there Commercial services that might provide sufficient capability for an MVP

— Are there opensource repo’s that might accelerate the creation of robust integration hub that can support many other tools over time



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