Spectacular Javascript Desktop Engineer

You are:

  • Someone with 2+ years working with front end JavaScript, including React, Redux and Electron.
  • Has experience in creating native desktop applications and can discuss the challenges when using Electron for Mac and Windows.
  • A strong communicator who can handle complexity in the design phase and ensure the team is addressing concerns
  • Someone who gets things done , and has accomplishments with desktop applications including Electron
  • Someone who loves learning, participating in the cutting edge product design and building new applications that will be used at the highest standard

You have participated in the release of production applications at a world class standard. You organize around milestones and deadlines in a meaningful way. You are enthusiastic about clear communication and believe in collaborating with a strong team.

About Clevertech

We believe that freedom, mastery and purpose fuel motivation. Freedom as remote work. Mastery as dedicated to one project and that project is a world class project that will stretch you and Purpose in the form of changing the world through software.

We also believe that the best team are filled of people who are humble, hungry and smart with people.

We are professional and we move quickly.

You might have seen us around – we are growing and have been growing for some time. And that is due to the team of world class developers that are creating client satisfaction. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, come join our team of over 100 developers.

Who are they? They’ve rejected offers from top companies. They are travelers who enjoy skiing in the morning and coding in the afternoon, aspiring entrepreneurs who want a tour of duty to learn how the pros do it, they are parents of young kids that want to work from home so they don’t waste their commute missing their kids growing up. Here’s what they have in common:

They want to be the best they can. They’re all invested in becoming better together and we support their constant learning.

For more about us, check out why.clevertech.biz

About the Job

At Clevertech, we understand why it’s great to be part of the gig economy—we also understand some of the challenges it can present.

By offering ongoing, full-time roles, we eliminate the burnout and guesswork involved in being a contract worker. We’re also interested in making it possible for our team to focus on what they do best. Busy work that gets in the way of high-quality code is our worst enemy!

Here’s how it works:

* We work with quality clients who have brilliant ideas they want to scale, scale, scale.

* Schedules are flexible—you work when you’re in flow, from wherever you wish

* You focus on one client at a time; when you’re finished with one, we provide another

* We use the latest tools and streamline every workflow imaginable

* Everyone on our team shares your culture, irrespective of where they are physically



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