Mid or Senior Software Engineer

You will be joining as our first dedicated software engineer, helping us to deploy our first product. As our first dedicated software engineer you will have the opportunity to guide and direct our development processes, and technology stack that we use. You will become a key member of our team, working directly with both founders, and helping to guide our company.

Your primary responsibility will be building a real-time video analytics platform, running state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms on real video data. This platform will start small and over time will scale to analyse thousands of simultaneous streams using dozens of different algorithms.

Skills & Requirements

Must have:
– Experience with video processing
– Experience with relational databases (preferably PostgreSQL)
– Comfortable with Linux command line and SSH
– Git knowledge (or similar DVCS)

Bonus points if you have:
– Experience managing cloud infrastructure (AWS/Azure)
– Worked with GStreamer or similar
– Experience with Docker
– An understanding of Deep Learning algorithms and techniques

About ThirdEye Labs

We are a small well funded startup that is backed by major London VCs. We are building advanced machine learning algorithms to allow computer to better understand and respond to natural human behaviour. We believe this will fundamentally change the way we interact with computers, allow computers to respond more proactively and less intrusively to our needs.

Being one of our first engineers and employees, you will have a unique opportunity to shape our company and culture as it grows, and become a core member of our team.



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