Digital Slogan Slayer / Marketing – Messaging Savant

Gear Stream, Inc.
Headquarters: Raleigh, NC

This job is remote, but requires VERY proven Digital advertising  / marketing experience in the U.S. and Western Europe.

This job is also FREELANCE and project based… we are NOT seeking full-time applicants.

Project Brief:

We seek a digital advertising / marketing – messaging guru that knows how to synthesize a companies brand ethos and channel that into provocative, short, memorable calls to action.  Not just web copy, but brand messaging that cuts through the noise, jargon, and attention span of the 7 second website “drive-by” is what we seek.

Critical Experience Required:  In addition to the above, we seek a messaging partner that has proven success in the Enterprise Software and B2B Services industry.  These industries are area VERY different than consumer brand messaging

That’s it.  No Really. Any other list of requirements would be indulgent and unnecessary.




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