Outbound/Cold Email Marketer (Contract or Full-Time)

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

About us:

Betterteam is a recruiting platform for small businesses. We are a remote-first company with most of the team having worked remote for a decade or more. We have had an amazingly successful launch and have seen some rock solid growth. We’re an incredibly talented team of founders, product and marketers and we’re ready to take our growth to the next level.

We are looking for a marketer with outbound/cold email experience to join us and add serious value in our post-launch scale phase. This is the perfect role for someone who is passionate about really owning outbound cold email as a marketing channel and building it from the ground up. You will be working directly with founders who have grown multiple startups.

What will you do all day?

  • Queue up dozens of different cold email campaigns every day.
  • Work with the research team to build new email lists.
  • Craft amazing email copy that gets open rates and response rates nobody else believes is possible.
  • Monitor all domains and IP’s for deliverability issues.
  • Continually iterate subject lines, audiences, email copy, CTA, and other levers to push open rates and response rates as high as possible.
About you:
  • You have recent experience running outbound email campaigns that converted profitably. Preferably on a SaaS product.
  • You have a methodical approach to measuring the success of each campaign and understand how to accurately test and identify what is and isn’t working.
  • You are years ahead of your competition in how you think about outbound email as a channel.
  • You really enjoy crafting subject lines and email copy that converts.
  • You obsess over email deliverability and understand the finer detail of how SPF, DKIM, and DMARC impact inbox placement.
  • Preferably have experience working remotely already and/or you have a plenty of self-motivation.

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