Experienced Python Developers Scraping Parsing

TXODDS acquires large amounts data from many web data sources including web pages, apis, push feeds and processes the data for real-time usage. We collect and store large amounts of big data in various data sources.


* Telecommuting is OK
* Agencies are OK


You will be required to write & maintain many number of bots designed to operated 24/7 in data collection from hundreds and web locations.

About the Company

TXODDS is the market leader in providing real-time odds information to the betting industry. Working with many of the industry’s biggest names our services are in use at the front line of trading rooms globally, where the focus lies on real time, accurate and relevant data. We work closely with clients from startups to web giants, to provide custom data solutions that enhance their existing trading systems.

We specialise in providing real-time data to demanding customers who expect nothing but the best. As such you will be responsible for ensuring the highest standard is maintained and services are always available.

Reporting directly to the Software Development Manager, you will be work remotely from home/office or in one of our locations in London, Bratislava, Belgrade, or Barcelona.

Company: txodds
Contact person: Jordan
Contact information: jobs@txodds.com

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