Setting Up Your Own Website in WordPress At No Cost

WordPress is a smart way to obtain your personal website without any cost. Setting up in this platform is ideal for bloggers or writers and businesses that would like to test how a website works. It is a Content Management System (CMS) which is a good option for business websites even though it is designed for blogging. As this is commonly used by bloggers, it can also be used by establishments and small businesses to position their business online. Also, it offers diverse features to choose from to produce a stunning website.


As soon as you completed creating your account in WordPress, you will then have access to a variety of paid and free themes to personalize your site. There’s no need for you to seek the services of a graphic designer for the website’s structure. You can actually select layouts based on your personal preferences which you believe is great for your business’ image. This is certainly favourable to those who don’t have the skills in web designing and don’t want to spend money. The only thing that you will do is to provide content.

Home Page

Just like a regular website, WordPress also provides a home page. Normally, its homepage displays the whole set of the latest posts published but you can adjust the settings similar to the normal function on websites. You can check more features to find other features that can make the most to enhance your page. An eye-catching website results in more traffic as compared to a simple one. To improve your site’s appearance, you can purchase paid themes for an elegant looking website.


There is no restriction in setting up pages in WordPress. Make full use of it to its highest possible capability. You possibly can create a single page intended for a topic that you want to discuss. For instance, if you happen to be a virtual assistant who offers various services, you can create a page for each service separately. As a virtual assistant, you are also an internet marketer, SEO writer, social media manager, etc. You can have a page intended for internet marketing service, another separate page for SEO writing and another one for social media management . On top of that, if you have a company which has numerous businesses, you can have pages for each of them too. The good thing about doing this is that, you were able to differentiate each business or service from each other and become more organized.


WordPress enables users to install widgets that are also found in websites. You don’t have to be skilled for you to be able to set up the widget on your site. All you need to do is simply copy the html code and paste it to the specified location on the site. A widget can elevate the appearance of the site and help generate some traffic. There are plenty of purposes and advantages that you can obtain in using a widget. You can whether use it in the form of marketing tool or an interactive device to help make your page engaging and fascinating.

28 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Own Website in WordPress At No Cost

    • Thanks Ryan. Same here. There’s no blogging platform better than WordPress. Exactly! I’ve almost used all the free widgets for this blog.


    • Yes it is. I wrote this for those who are not yet familiar of WordPress but wants to get published online or to those business owners who are just testing the waters on how a real website actually feels like without wasting money. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  1. I would agree and also not agree here. If you simply want to have a place to share your thoughts, a free wordpress blog is great. However if you are someone who has specific goals in mind with blogging such as collaborations and montetization, you really just need to start out buying your own domain. Otherwise you’ll have to spend a lot of time migrating content over, which is no fun.

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    • Yes. I will tackle in my next blog on how to monetize a blog. Here, I only discussed on how to setup a free website as a way to get published online and for businesses that wants to test how a website works without spending money before they decide to get a professional website.


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