Online Advertising Team Lead (Part-Time)

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Make a Dent in the Universe by Solving the Number One Problem Faced by Medical Researchers

Hello—we’re Trialfacts, a remote company, and without us, a lot of medical research would not be possible. We’re searching for an experienced, part-time online advertising team lead to manage and ensure the performance of our online advertising campaigns, while innovating and improving our advertising processes. If you’re looking for a position where you can set your own hours, take holidays as you see fitwork remotely from home or while traveling, and help medical research succeed, then please read on.

Our clients—medical research organizations, are working hard to continue to develop treatments, increase our understanding, eradicate sickness and improve quality of life.

Our company—Trialfacts, removes the biggest hurdle and frustration to conducting their research, by recruiting the patients they require for their clinical trials, and often times saving the day when they come to us to find the patients they need, or else have their research invalidated.

We’re looking for someone who can:

Advertise—You’ll need to create, manage and optimize our Facebook advertising campaigns and funnels. This includes complete ownership of the landing pages and multi-page forms we use to collect patient data.

Optimize—You’ll be managing our campaigns from end to end, and expected to continuously run experiments and evaluate new strategies, processes and technologies to continuously improve performance and CPA. You’ll be expected to contribute to ongoing process and systems improvement, to support efficient campaign setup, efficient client onboarding and CPA improvement.

Learn—In addition to developing an in-depth understanding of clinical trials generally, you’ll also on an ongoing basis need to be able to rapidly develop a thorough understanding of each of our client’s clinical trials, their concerns, and then use that knowledge to create advertising collateral. If you’re intimidated by medical jargon then you need not apply.

Lead—We’re looking for someone who will provide leadership in the operations team, and is open to playing a growing leadership role within our small but fast-growing business.

Collaborate—We’re looking for someone who is not afraid of picking up the phone, calling a client, brainstorming and working towards a solution. Part of this role is to help onboard our new clients, provide updates, as well as solve any client campaign issues that come up.

What’s in it for you:

Autonomy—We don’t have set working hours. We don’t have a holiday policy (you can take your holidays whenever you want). We don’t micromanage or babysit.

You’ll be accountable to the rest of the team purely on your results, and not on the number of hours spent working. Our team is remote (we communicate via Slack and Google Hangouts). We set our own hours based on what works for us and our clients. As long as you have a decent internet connection and can overlap with our clients’ working hours in the United States and Australia for a phone call, you can work from wherever you choose.

Innovation—We’re the first and only company in our industry to guarantee our results. We’ve launched innovative patient recruitment strategies (e.g., our phone screening appointment system, researcher interviews) that provide predictability and certainty in a volatile industry, and we’re constantly improving our service.

We apply the same innovative approach to our patient advertising and recruitment process, and our client communication. We’re currently focused on streamlining and automating client onboarding, education and gathering feedback from our clients, and we’re always interested in the latest and greatest software tools and improvements that technology provides.

ImpactTrialfacts plays an extremely important role in contributing to medical research and driving humanity forward. Our clients—researchers working at universities, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, natural medicine companies, hospitals and medical practices—work hard to develop treatments that cure diseases and improve quality of life.

We are the only company that solves clinical trial recruitment problems in a predictable and reliable way—our consistent, results-driven process makes us the only recruitment company that provides a money-back guarantee.

Opportunity—We’re a rapidly growing company, 100% year on year via organic growth through repeat business and referrals. We offer an attractive part-time salary, and the possibility to move into a full-time position and/or leadership role in the business. The future looks optimistic as we continue to improve and expand on our core service.

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