Full-Stack Engineer

Come help us create the future of Kaggle and in doing so, help shape the future of data science.

As background, Kaggle is best known for running machine learning competitions. We have a community of over 700K data scientists who come to Kaggle to learn, compete, and collaborate on the cutting edge of machine learning to solve business and research problems for organizations like Facebook, NASA, and GE.

In our next chapter, Kaggle is expanding to become the place where data scientists share code and analysis in a reproducible way. We’re building this platform for data science collaboration (the closest analogy is Github for data science) around our thriving community. As part of our small team, you’ll be a part of designing and building this platform in its early stages. We don’t expect you to know everything coming in, so we’ll pair you with mentors who will help you grow and develop your skills.

We like working remotely: a lot of our team is distributed. We prefer US-based timezones but will hire the right candidate anywhere in the world. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area or interested in relocating here, you’ll enjoy our easy-going office culture and all the beauty the Bay Area has to offer.

What you’ll do

– Architect and create new site features, ranging from discussing wireframes to creating the data model and deploying the end result.
– Implement local tooling to facilitate users transferring their analytics between local environments and Kaggle’s infrastructure.
– Build features in our current web stack (C#, ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, React, SQL Server, and Azure).
– Create and build on our services layer (which includes Linux, Docker, and Python for running user code).
– Measure, optimize, and scale Kaggle’s infrastructure.
– Ship every day.

What we’re looking for

– You have solid programming skills from regularly shipping code.
– You have exposure to web programming and modern practices.
– You’re experienced with a stack based on C#, ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, React, SQL Server, and Azure (or are excited to pick it up).
– You’re motivated, self-directed, a good communicator and have strong telecommuting skills (our engineering team is spread around the world).

What will set you apart

– You have a history of open source contributions and helping the broader software engineering community (through Github, StackOverflow, a blog, or the like).
– You are excited about data and curious to learn more about machine learning.

What we offer

– A low ego environment where you can give and receive direct feedback.
– Transparent leadership that openly shares the thinking behind company direction and strategy.
– A flat organization where you are encouraged to contribute to company direction and strategy.
– The opportunity to help shape the future of data science and machine learning.
– A flexible work environment: work from where you’re most productive.
– Stock in a company that has the potential to transform the way data science is done.



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