API & Integrations Developer

Todoist as a platform is constantly evolving. Every day we are working on improving the service, to add something new and useful to it, and to make it more stable, fast and convenient for users. It’s a challenging task, since official Todoist applications are available on 10+ platforms, and the number of integrations from independent developers is 50+ and growing.

We believe that open API and clear documentation, equally convenient both for us and for independent developers is a cornerstone for solving the task. Close collaboration between Doist development team, partners and independent developers is turning Todoist into a true productivity hub.

For solving that challenging task we are searching for a person with deep understanding of internet technologies and trends, vast experience in design and development of programming interfaces, developed engineering intuition and communication skills.

What you will be doing

  • Design, write and review application code
  • Have the leading role in planning the evolution of Todoist API
  • Take care of API for new features and API updates
  • Take care of deprecation policies (plan, communicate, enforce)
  • Implement the changes in close collaboration with our mobile development teams, partners and independent developers
  • Design and build integrations between Todoist and third-party platforms
  • Help other Doist teams, third-party partners and independent developers to build services around Todoist API (Includes meeting with partners, responding to questions by email, support in GitHub & writing documentation.)

What we’re looking for

The ideal candidate will have

  • 3+ years of experience of professional web development
  • Expert level knowledge of at least one of Python or Go programming language
  • A background in designing and refactoring large-scale systems
  • A solid understanding security theory and practice
  • Experience working in remote teams
  • Strong communication
  • Fluency in written and spoken English

Bonus skills

  • Passion to automate. If you are active user of IFTTT, Zapier or Huginn, or write your own APIs and small tools, and prefer curl over Web UI while working with cloud services, please tell us!
  • Experience working in remote teams

This is a remote position, so you’ll be free to work from wherever you please. You could also choose to work from our office in Porto, Portugal, or get a co-working space in the city where you live.

You can read more about how we work in this Forbes article, or in this Fast Company article. At Doist, our best resource, hands-down, is our team. For the last four years, we’ve focused on fostering an amazing culture of scrappiness, independence, responsibility, and ownership. We believe that a strong, vibrant, and cohesive company culture comes before anything else.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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