Mac + iOS Developer

Savings Team LLC
Headquarters: Irvine, CA

This is an hourly-based remote position. We’re looking for programmer who really enjoys, and is proficient at writing Cocoa application for macOS and iOS.

About the App

Savings is a personal finance app designed specifically for Apple’s ecosystem. The Mac app is the main app, so you should be very comfortable working with AppKit and creating custom UI. There is a companion app for the iPhone, so UIKit should also be under your tool belt. The app makes heavy use of technologies such as Core Data and cloud sync.

About the Project

We are completely redesigning the app. The new app will feature a brand new design, and many of the functionalities are developed from the ground up.

Who we are looking for

  • Someone who loves create Cocoa applications.
  • Someone who enjoys collaborating (remotely) with designer to develop new functionality.
  • A great bug catcher.
  • Someone who cares about UI, UX, and pixel-perfect implementation.
  • Someone who is passionate about the the Mac and iOS platform.
  • You should have an interest in money management app and use one yourself.
  • Self starter. (You kind of have to be with a remote position.)
  • One who enjoys the freedom of working remotely.
  • Flexible hours.


Please send a copy of your resume and ideally, a portfolio of your past work to Please also include the number of hours per week you can work, and your hourly rate in USD. Thank you.


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