Hey SO! Full-stack (PHP focus) Dev Req – Set Own Hours, Jan Start

Forget the formalities: write us a cover letter that reflects the real you, include some links to what you’re capable of, and let’s make great stuff together!

Join a small, yet energetic and rapidly growing team working remotely around Australia to build exciting web and next-gen tools for the future.

If you’re someone who enjoys a good laugh, is always looking to take the next step on their own, and cares about the finer details, then our door is open to you!

We create bespoke web app builds – amongst other visual media – for a variety of clients and we’re coming to StackOverflow (because Seek is… [insert PC insult here]) to find an Aus-based web dev who can be at the forefront of our development pipeline and help forge new and creative ways to present a variety of client-provided and user-generated information.

Working primarily from home, with periodical design/dev sprints and client meetings, you will be coding and crafting in conjunction with our web designer/manager and another web developer to improve our code/database structure, oversee best practice and future planning, and integrate our web solutions with other services and platforms in the emerging technology space.

We believe you’re the most productive you when it suits you, which isn’t always 9-5. That’s why we all work our own hours and will encourage you to do the same. We’re therefore highly flexible with working around your extracurricular activities and other life obligations.

We have a generous company performance-based bonus structure, aim to continually increase wages above CPI, and have an Employee Share Option Program for you to benefit from.

Take a peek at our skills/requirements and if you think it is something you’d be perfect for (and if our amazing wordsmith-ing and Oxfard commas have got you even just a little bit excited) we’d love for you to apply.

We’re currently looking to fill this position by mid-December for a mid-to-late-January start.

Skills & Requirements

The “Must Haves”

  • Australian-based permanent resident with a reliable internet connection (please advise your internet speed and data limits in your cover letter).
  • Major experience with PHP and MySQL (specifically using the Codeigniter framework) is right up there on the must have list, especially in relation to storing and reading large amounts of data (CRMs, analytical tools, etc).
  • Experience planning, creating and delivering bespoke solutions, including optimising databases and code structures for optimal security and performance and knowing how to test and document your code, is crucial.
  • Your ability to create your own APIs, or using third-party APIs, is a must have.
  • A strong understanding of HTML, CSS and JS principles is also very important. While you will primarily working under the hood, understanding best design practices and principles saves everyone in the long run.

The “Nice to Haves”

  • Experience with mapping APIs (Google Maps, Mapbox, Leaflet, etc) is almost a “must have”, so the deeper your experience here the better.
  • Experience with node.js, Angular, React and all the other buzz frameworks is favourable. We want to potentially head down this road, and you could be the person that takes us there!
  • Experience with WebGL, specifically relating to maps and also the Unity gaming engine, is favourable.
  • Experience with C# and Java, specifically relating to the Unity gaming engine, is favourable, but definitely nowhere near crucial.

About Spatial Media

With 7 full-time rad 3D artists, video editors, and web devs (and a handful of awesome freelancers) we create custom solutions for our clients using traditional and emerging visual media platforms. We encourage you to work from your own space at times that suit you, because you know when you work best. Our team catches up periodically for design/dev sprints and for bigger get togethers over well deserved feasts and brews. We’d love you to be part of it!



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