Rails Developer

Lotus Apps, LLC
Headquarters: Knoxville, TN

We’re looking to grow our team to include a US based 1099 contractor, remote Rails developer.
  • Live in the US
  • An individual – not a firm, representative, or recruiter
  • Have completed a dev bootcamp in Rails or 2 years experience
  • Be able to work 25-30 hours per week (initially) mostly overlap with a standard 9-5 Eastern Timezone
  • A great communicator in both written English and personable/well spoken for occasional interaction with clients
Bonus Points:
  • A great attitude and a pleasant human being
  • Any open source work you can show, including ruby gems or assessments
  • Previous work with ActiveAdmin
  • Previous work with large codebases

We are small remote team providing stellar development, design and management services to small startups across the US and Canada.  We pride ourselves on being transparent to our customers, being easy to work with, and providing quality software development.

We’re primarily a project based consultancy, and as such our needs change with new clients.  We would love to find someone to build a great long-term relationship with to help us build fun and challenging products for our customers.  If that interests you, please contact us below!


Please fill out the contact form on our website with the subject line “Rails Developer”, located at: http://www.madebylotus.com/contact.html


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