Senior Full Stack – Software Engineer
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


At we’re building the sales communication platform of the future. We’ve built a next-generation CRM that eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals. We are hiring engineers to help us unify the world’s sales calls and emails into one beautiful workflow.

Our tech stack includes Python/Flask, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Puppet, & AWS with the frontend as a single-page web app in JavaScript, Backbone.js, HTML5, & CSS/LESS.

We ❤ open source – using dozens of open source projects with contributions to many of them, and released some of our own:


We’re looking for senior level developers to join our core team who have a strong understanding of web technologies and want to help design, implement, launch, and scale major systems and user-facing features.

  • have 8+ years experience design, implement, launch, and scale major systems and user-facing features.
  • have demonstrated experience in several of the technologies we are using, but you don’t need to be an expert in all of them. We’re looking for someone who is already comfortable across various layers of the web stack and eager to learn additional technologies as necessary.
  • enjoy designing, scaling, and optimizing systems to make them super fast, while still being nicely maintainable.
  • care a lot about product and user experience and take responsibility for thinking like a user. We’re looking for people who don’t rely on a designer or product manager to figure UX stuff out for them.
  • be comfortable in a fast-paced environment with a small and talented team.
  • significant experience or open source work using Flask or Backbone.js
  • have an eye for designing beautiful and usable UIs
  • experience with VoIP telephony, pjsip, or Objective C
  • For the personal growth experience of helping build a truly successful SaaS company with a stellar team where you can have a huge impact.
  • Above market salary, healthcare, dental, and retirement benefits package
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world, or from our HQ in Palo Alto, CA with a beautiful view. Just be willing to do a bit of traveling twice a year for some face-to-face time with the whole team.

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