Senior Software Developer (Ruby On Rails)

Job Description

The Fintech Dev project at E-xact is looking for an intermediate to senior Ruby on Rails software developer to add to our growing team.  This is a REMOTE contractor position. We’re an established company in the rapidly changing world of financial technology (fintech).   You’ll get to work with a team of developers on a critical component of our service that manages financial information for many companies.

You’ll find a great working environment with all of the latest tools that make working enjoyable and efficient such as Slack for communications,  Github for code,  Jira for ticketing and Google Hangouts for meetings. Testing and continuous integration are a key component of our delivery process.

While working with us you will contribute to the vision and direction of our products.  Every member of our team is involved in the design and decision making process and are equipped with the best tools to do their jobs.

Your Skills

To apply for this position you must already be fluent with Ruby on Rails.  You should have had several successful Ruby on Rails projects under your belt.

  • At least three years of Ruby on Rails development in a professional environment.
  • Knowledge of front end development, CSS, HTML and Javascript within a Rails app
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Experience with Rails applications for APIs
  • Experience with testing Rails applications

Remote Work

This is a Remote contract – all Remote Workers contribute on a contractual basis with the following requirements:

  • In order to facilitate collaboration your work day must overlap within 4hrs of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday Pacific Time.

  • We make use of Google Hangouts and value quality communication.  You must have high speed Internet and a quality video camera (720p+) and a good microphone.

  • You must be able to travel to Canada/United States up to twice a year for one week each visit for a team building get-together.

  • You must be online throughout your work day, using Slack for communication with the distributed team, daily code checkins to Git and ticket reviews in Jira.

  • This is a contract position, paid hourly – invoiced monthly.  You will be responsible for your own income taxes in your country as a self employed position.

How to apply

Note: Our customer’s budget for this job is $25-$30 USD/Hour. Please do not apply if this doesn’t meet your needs.

Attach your resume in PDF format.  Please be sure to include a link to your Github profile, LinkedIn profile, as well as links to any personal portfolio websites.  Applications from agencies will be denied, we’re looking for individual team members.

We will shortlist candidates that we find interesting and contact you to perform an initial 15 minute video hangout.  After that we’ll ask shortlisted candidates to perform a brief take-home coding project to demonstrate their skills.

About Fintech Development

Fintech Development is a subsidiary of E-xact Transactions, a payment gateway offering e-commerce solutions to merchants throughout the US and Canada.

  • Established fintech company based in Vancouver, Canada
  • Processes billions of dollars of payments each year
  • Works with the world’s largest payment brands



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