Senior Software Engineer

Spreedly is a small startup that’s growing. Our list of “awesome functionality that real customers will pay us for if only we can get it implemented” is growing faster than we can check things off, and we need to immediately grow our team with an experienced engineer that can hop into a high-functioning, experienced team and start learning and contributing quickly.

When you start at Spreedly (think first 6-12 months), you’ll be spending 90%+ of your time working right on the product team building functionality for customers. Building product at Spreedly is somewhat unique in that our main product is a payments API used by other developers. So “designing a UI” often means thinking through how you would want a given API to work if you were using it and “adding a feature for a customer” often means working through how to securely enable a developer to do something interesting with a credit card number.

Oh, did we forget to mention that? We work with credit card data. Constantly. It’s basically what we get paid to do, so that others don’t have to. So thinking about security is a way of life at Spreedly, as is building sustainable processes to keep things safe, and our auditors happy.

What we’re looking for in a senior engineer is somebody who’s not afraid to jump into a pretty complex technical problems and make sense of them. We regularly deal with the dark underbelly of software – think encryption, encoding, and security, all within the context of a distributed system. You don’t have to be an expert in any of those aspects, but you shouldn’t be intimidated by the thought of learning about them either.

Once you’ve gotten your feet under you and understand the domain well enough, we envision you being the technical lead for one aspect of our service. That means you can work with junior engineers and help them tackle the task at hand using pragmatic software practices. We don’t want rockstars or ninjas. We need people that are good at their job while also elevating the people around them.

  • As per the above, an interest in and some experience with leading a software engineering team.
  • As per our immediate needs, a proven track record of delivering well-crafted software.
  • As per working in a startup, a willingness to be a generalist and dig into new things you’ve never done before.
  • Excitement about building products for Spreedly’s customers, who are primarily businesses doing commerce and their developers who are using our API’s and toolkits.
  • Excellent written communications, and a willingness to use them to document your work as necessary.
  • The ability to operate semi-autonomously, sorting your own immediate priorities out of the ever-shifting needs of a startup environment.
  • A quiet confidence in your ability to learn new tech as necessary. Today we work primarily with Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Riak, Kafka, Postgres, Redis, and Linux … but are always pragmatically evaluating new languages and tools

Remote candidates must be located in the continental US (we’ll want to see you in person about once a quarter). Most of our technical team is in the RDU area and works out of our office in downtown Durham, NC two days a week, and from wherever we fancy the other three days a week. We also have ~20% of our team already remote. So, although we’re pretty aware of what it takes to support remote employees, if you are remote we’d like for you to be an experienced one.

We are pretty opinionated about the right and wrong way to do things (while always being sure to regularly challenge our position), and that’s reflected in our hiring process. If you want to get a sense for what your application process will look like, we’d encourage you to read the following: Stop Hazing Your Potential Hires and Programming Puzzles Are Not the Answer.


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