We’re hiring a remote Frontend Developer. Join our team!

We’re looking to add an experienced and UX-minded JavaScript engineer to our team.

Posting a job opening is a rare event for us, as nearly every member of our team was individually invited. When we have posted job openings, however, we’ve met and found some truly amazing people. So we’re really excited to meet you!

Location? Probably remote. A good number of us work out of Fuse in Richland, WA, but our team works remotely. We’d prefer someone in the western states—we’ve done the global thing in the past and timezones are a real heartbreaker, let me tell you.

Why &yet?

&yet is a people first organization.

We believe a business can be a prototype of the world you want to live in. We want a more generous, empathic, equal, and loving world, with better mental and physical health, inclusivity, and equality. So that’s how we aim to work and to help each other work. We’re not perfect, but we’re always striving to improve.

What we do

Our team loves to do great things and get stuff done.

We’re open source software builders and consultants. We serve clients and we build and support products like Talky and the Node Security Platform—and, in doing so, create new tools that help others do their own new and innovative work.

We create a lot of realtime applications and services. We build web applications and APIs. Because we have a security consultancy as part of our team, we do a lot that intersects with security, too. You’ll often find us writing JavaScript (frontend and backend), but we’ve done a lot of Python in the past, too. Sometimes we’ll write Go, Lua, C, or a variety of other languages.

We believe in contributing to open source software. We create and help maintain a variety of useful open source tools and community efforts like the Node Security Project and Is WebRTC Ready Yet? (Note: yes, it is.)

Who we are

We have some really great and passionate people on our team. You can get a sense from some of them in conference talks they’ve given, like Lynn Fisher’s “I’ll Be Good at Lots of Things, Thank You Very Much” talk, Amy Lynn Taylor’s “Remote and Better for It” talk, Adam Brault’s “Intentionally Tiny Leaders” talk, or Adam Baldwin’s “Continuous Security” talk.

But in addition to conference talks, we occasionally put on conferences of our own that defy categorization, blow people’s minds, and leave everyone with a lot of deep stuff to think about.

With RealtimeConf, our team used storytelling, theatre, music, and multi-sensory design to create an event that asked people to think about the place of power that technologists have to shape the freedom of society. Our friend Paul Campbell said, “I came home full of ideas and a will to be a better person. Can’t ask any more.”

With &yetConf, we gathered dreamers of diverse backgrounds and aspirations—developers, poets, artists, scientists, activists. It’s hard to put it in words, but if you want to understand what it was like, it’s worth reading Willow, Paddy, Ivana, and Aimee’s accounts of the event, or the things people said about it on Twitter.

&yet is completely bootstrapped, self-funded, and has no plans of selling out to anyone. We’ve been around for almost 9 years now.

What’s it like to work at &yet?

Our goal as an organization is to have every person feel valued as a person—not just for their work, but for their whole self. We really believe that no matter their job title it is every person’s job to make the people around them feel valued, cared about, understood, and encouraged.

The people you’ll be surrounded by as teammates will have high expectations for you because, I mean, you’re awesome. But they’ll also back you up and provide support when you need it.

We invest deeply in people as individuals. We believe that everyone has incredible potential and that by taking care of people really well and by letting them bring their whole selves, we can bring out the absolute best. As a result, all of our team call this the best job they’ve ever had.

Because we’ve been around for almost a decade, we feel quite lucky to have some remarkable alumni and friends who form our extended community. For the majority of folks who’ve been part of our team and since moved on, working at &yet has been an extremely valuable phase in their career.

So enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

You—you, my friend—would play a huge role on our team right out of the gates if you had these qualifications:

  1. You’re a leader—first of yourself. You help drive projects in quality and completeness. You can’t stand being blocked from getting things done and you know how to get unblocked. You strongly prefer not to be managed.
  2. You’re willing to ask questions, look dumb, be wrong, take risks, and fail. You like the idea of committing to a project that means you’ll need to learn a number of new skills along the way and do things you’ve never done before.
  3. You take way more of your share of blame and give way more than your share of credit.
  4. You’re not an Awesome Rock Star Ninja Superstar. When you think about it, you’re happy with how much better you are today than you were yesterday. You’re good but painfully humble about it because you know how much you have to grow and how much you can learn from those around you.
  5. You write well and know how to communicate your thoughts in written form.
  6. You’re very comfortable working in an environment where most of the engagement takes place in chat.
  7. You’re a good communicator and play well with others, recognizing conflict is a creative force when handled correctly.
  8. You’re opinionated and you know how to state your position without being offensive and argue your point without being defensive. (And, when you do get defensive, you know how to own up to it and revisit the conversation with a fresh attitude.)
  9. You accept criticism of your work and take it well. It may hurt because you care about your work and put your heart into it, but you value the result of being able to make several great iterations based on feedback.
  10. You’re a great student and teacher. You don’t ever want to “arrive”–you just want to keep growing.
  11. You love finding ways to make things better—your work, others’ work, and your collaboration together.
  12. You prefer simplicity over complexity, writing clear and accessible code over being clever.
  13. You believe in refactoring as a constant process.
  14. Reading this list makes your heart pound at least a little bit.

Oh, skills? Right. Those are important, too.

  1. You love building applications and interfaces for desktop and mobile. And what you love to build is simple and clear design that works well and is visually minimalistic.
  2. You’re completely comfortable and confident with CSS, including the use of preprocessors such as Sass, Less, Stylus, or PostCSS. You’re constantly reading and discovering the latest methods and sharing them.
  3. You’re very at home with frontend Javascript, have used React and Redux (or some form of the Flux architecture) and enjoy the chance to use primarily these tools in building applications, and you’re confident with clientside MVC (a la Backbone or Ampersand).
  4. You’re comfortable with backend JS and you’ve built something with Node.js.
  5. You know Git and the command line well.
  6. You are always eager to learn how to write more secure code.
  7. You’ve worked in a web framework or two—like Rails, Node.js, Django.
  8. Extra bonus: You don’t mind configuring servers and you’re familiar with Docker.

Intimidated? Don’t be. ❤

Yes, the lists above are ambitious. Yes, you’d be joining a high performing team of remarkable people. But don’t be afraid. 🙂 We are friendly, welcoming, and encouraging, and it would be our honor to have you apply. If you read this far in the job posting, we seriously think you’re really cool 🙂

What we care most about is adding folks to our team who are big-hearted and curious, who believe software is about people and who know how to ship software.

Here’s what you should do next.

  1. Write us something to introduce yourself as whole person. We want to get to know you!
  2. Go item by item through the qualifications and skills lists above and respond to them about yourself. Give yourself a 1-10 rating and add your comments for each. Don’t worry if you feel like there’s something you wish you were better at. We’ve had some amazing people join our team and we’ve found a lot of times the best people don’t think very highly of their own skills.
  3. Send us examples of your work and links to where you’re at online (twitter, github, personal site).
  4. Tell us something that you don’t know that you would like to learn.
  5. Let us know your shirt size, type preference—fitted (women’s cut) or unisex—and your mailing address, and we’ll send you a shirt as a thanks for your time and care in putting together a thorough application.

Send everything to apply@andyet.com. Show us you’re a great fit by going above and beyond the requirements for what’s listed above and giving us a feel for your personality while you do it.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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