Conversions Team Project Manager

Headquarters: Remote (USA only)

Love directing traffic, but don’t feel like getting your crossing guard certification? Because we’re looking for a Conversions Team Project Manager who’ll help us turn more of our website’s curious visitors into deliriously happy Edgar users! If you have a healthy obsession with numbers, a history of project management, and a talent for experimentation that rivals that of most mad scientists, this is the job for you!

About You

Like Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, you’re always thinking about the big picture. That means you can take a holistic look at a marketing funnel – especially the hot, gooey, conversion-y part at the bottom – and find where there’s room for improvement. Areas like:

Website and landing pages
Paid advertising
Checkout pages
Handshake firmness

How should we be building our email list? How can we best appeal to leads who have abandoned during checkout? How many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop? These are the types of questions you’ll be asking in this position – and ideally, you’ll also work on, you know, answering them.

Fortunately, you’ve got a crack marketing team at your disposal for putting ideas into action, so you can focus on finding opportunities for improvement, making plans, and keeping all our metaphorical wheels turning smoothly while we bring those plans to fruition. Not in a “you’re responsible for the whole ding-dang department” kind of way, but in more of a good-old-fashioned project management kind of way – understanding the types of projects that our team does and doesn’t have the bandwidth for at any given time, and making sure the right people have what they need every step of the way.

Of course, we don’t just experiment for its own sake – that’s what our interpretive dance workshop is for. We’re interested in experiments that are really worth our time – the kind that reshape the experience of navigating the funnel, that move the needle, that mix the metaphor! To be successful in this role, you’ve gotta be creative, empathetic, and analytical enough to understand and anticipate the actions of our leads. (Though having a knack for reaching tarot cards would probably help with that, too.)

Want to see what happens when we incorporate new trust factors into the bottom of the funnel? Curious what our best-converting target user looks like, and the most effective ways for us to reach them? Love analyzing automated email campaigns drip by drip? This role is going to deliver the types of challenges you love – unless any of those challenges involve rock climbing.

Job Deets Cheat Sheet

This is a full-time, salaried remote position – you must live somewhere in North America and be able to show eligibility to work in the USA
Experience in marketing and project management
Strong ability to read and understand marketing analytics
SaaS experience a major plus
Impeccable research and documentation skills

About Us

We’re a small team of 20-some people, all working remotely across the US & Canada. We do a lot of collaborating and meme-swapping on Slack, along with virtual team meetings and super-futuristic video calls. We also do a twice-annual retreat week where we work together on cool projects all day and rock the karaoke mic all night. (Spoiler alert: This means you have to be willing and able to travel to those retreats! The karaoke, however, is optional.)

We’re proudly bootstrapped and profitable, which means we get to turn down VC money a lot and keep doing things the way we like. We’re pretty serious about building and maintaining an awesome, positive company culture, so, you know, no jerks.

We’ll probably get along if you’re someone who wants to be creative, have a pretty-serious-but-not-inhuman amount of responsibility, and work with people who make going to work not suck. (And be one of those people yourself. We like those people.)

You can find out more at and by watching the video a little further down (please watch it, it was mad expensive):

Perks & Benefits

Work from home (or wherever there’s strong wifi)
4 weeks paid vacation (Shazam! And yes, everyone actually uses all 4 weeks)
Monthly cleaning service for your home – not that we don’t have total faith in you
Paid home Internet service
Coworking space/coffee shop working expenses
Health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your fam
401(k) plan with employer match
An extra paid day off per quarter so you can volunteer in your community (awww)
New Mac laptop (#blessed)
Books, conferences, and other educational resources to help you be even more amazing at what you do!
TSA pre-check to make getting to retreats and conferences a breeze.


Fill out our application here:


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