Part-time Meteor Developer

EduLift is a fun, fast-growing startup that is empowering language self-learners with an interactive curriculum and personal study coaching.

We were co-founded by Oxford and Harvard graduates, and have bootstrapped to a team of eight. We author our content from scratch, and we’re not afraid to experiment when we feel that traditional methods are too stale or don’t make the best use of technology.

If you’re passionate about language education and eager to make an impact in a small and friendly team, then you’ll enjoy working with us.

Job title: Part-time Meteor Developer
Location: Remote. Work from anywhere, however you like. Salary: $1600/month (20h/week)

Start: January 2017

Core responsibilities:

  • Work closely with our talented in-house Meteor developer
  • Add features to and our custom CMS
  • Write new unit tests and refactor our two Meteor apps in production
  • Assist with the development of our exciting new crowdfunded React Native app

How we work:

We are a 100% remote team. The co-founders are based in Japan and Hong Kong. We’re a UK company, and spend as much time as we need to in London. We celebrate diversity—only one team member is a native English speaker.

We don’t track working hours, time off (but we require you take at least 14 days off a year), nor your daily task list, but rather give you the room to flourish.

  • Ability to communicate well in written English
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript
  • Extensive experience with the Meteor framework
  • Experience with React Native a big plus

The candidate we’ll choose will:

  • Have a genuine interest in the power of digital and online learning
  • Have proven experience of time management and team communication

The easiest way to impress us at the interview is:

  • Show us something amazing you’ve done
  • Tell us what you’re currently learning, and how you’re learning it

Contact information:


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