Experienced Software Engineer

Interviewing for a new company is a serious time commitment for all parties involved. Please don’t apply for this job unless you’ve taken the time to read this and thoughtfully consider if we would be a good fit for one another. This is a full time position. You must be located in the continental U.S. No contractors or agencies. Seriously.

Why We Started Spartan

Not to over simplify things, but our mission is to create the best tools for helping teams and individuals continuously improve their ability to produce tangible value. We do this through designing and building software products in close collaboration with our clients, developing our own proprietary products, and investing in opportunities that align with our purpose and promises we operate upon as a company.

We Fully Embrace Working Remotely

We have some folks who like to work out of our office in Chattanooga, TN and others that prefer to work remotely across the U.S. We try our best to operate as a remote-first company and believe a great team shouldn’t be restricted by geography. We use Slack as our primary communication hub, Hangouts for face-to-face conversations, and Screen Hero for pair programming.

If you are into the outdoors and want internet faster than Google Fiber, we strongly recommend considering relocating to our HQ in Chattanooga, TN! 😉

What You’ll Be Working On

Starting out, you’ll spend 80% of your week (Monday through Thursday) designing and building a product or platform for one of our clients. The other 20% of your week (Friday) will be spent contributing to our open source projects, internal products, learning, teaching, and participating in internal operations of all flavors.

Project teams are small and usually made up of one or two pairs of engineers, a designer / front-end developer, a product advisor, and the client who serves as the product owner. Most things we build are greenfield with the goal of creating a new product or service and taking it to market. We are often further engaged by our clients to continue iterating on the product once it is live. The high cost of context switching is real, so we do our best to keep teams together throughout the duration of their projects (typically 2-4 months), but have found it valuable to rotate pairing partners when it makes reasonable sense.

We are always exploring new tools, languages, and technologies – we feel strongly that it’s a good idea to use the best tool for the job and not see everything as a nail. We also try our best to standardize our technology and tooling across project teams so it’s easier to rotate and practice collective code ownership.

We are currently building products and platforms using:

  • Atomic design to think through and compose the UI and UX.
  • ES6, React, Redux, PostCSS, and Webpack for responsive web browser clients.
  • React Native for native mobile clients.
  • Ruby/Rails or Phoenix/Elixir for backend services.
  • Postgres mostly, but exploring newer DBs like RethinkDB.
  • All sorts of testing, code quality, and linting tools.
  • We have historically leaned more towards OOP, but are making a concerted effort to become equally proficient with FP

How We Operate

In terms of organizational structure and governance, we are a holacracy. It’s worked pretty well for the us the last few years. When it comes to development processes, we do our best to adhere as closely to Extreme Programming as possible. We believe in hiring capable, responsible adults. We don’t micro-manage and trust everyone to work hard, experiment, learn from their mistakes, and contribute to each other and the company in a sustainable manner. We don’t do traditional performance evaluations, but instead practice Catalytic Coaching, which provides straightforward mechanisms for team members to set their own growth goals and have support in achieving them. We have no venture funding or external investors, which affords us the ability to be nimble and run our company in the best interest of our team as a whole.

How You’ll Be Compensated

We believe in a transparent, fair compensation structure and have developed our own open salary formula. Depending on your skill and experience, you can expect to make somewhere between $80,000 and $120,000 upon joining the company. We have two health plans available – a high deductible with an HSA plan or a PPO plan – as well as vision and dental. We currently cover 80% of the premiums. We have a 401k program that we’ll provide a 2% match on after a few months working with us. Lastly, 25% of the company is reserved for a team member options pool.

How To Apply

This is a full time employment opportunity for a single individual. We’re not looking for contractors, part-time individuals, or agencies of any kind. Applications must be located in the continental United States. Thanks!

To apply, please fill out application here: https://spartanhr.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=2


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