Work-from-home Scam with a LinkedIn Twist

 FRESNO – (INT) – BBB has received reports that work-from-home scams are targeting job-seeking individuals harder than ever with a new twist of using a professional networking platform.

In an attempt to make their potential victims feel more at ease and to make the job offer more credible, scammers direct individuals to LinkedIn profiles belonging to recruitment staff from legitimate companies.

BBB has analyzed consumer reports and complaints regarding this scam and can tell you that majority of these work-from-home job offers involve transferring money to various bank accounts as part of the ‘payroll deposit’ job description. In some cases they involve re-shipping packages with unknown content.

Victims of work-from-home scams don’t realize that they are aiding cyber criminals in transferring stolen money or helping re-ship illegal or contraband goods. Both activities are unlawful and are subjected to prosecution.

Not all victims of work-from-home scams end up in criminal court, many find themselves dealing with ID theft, maxed-out credit cards and cleaned out savings accounts.





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