5 Android Apps You Need For Working From Home

Working from home is a challege for anyone who has difficulty in organizing their day. To start with, you need a clearly defined timetable and routine. This will help you be more productive, organize your workload, prioritize tasks, and avoid distractions such as emails, social networks, and whatever is going on in your house (or on those Ricky Lake re-runs).

You’ve also got to get your hands on some tools to help communication run as smoothly as if you were there in person; whether it’s a chat with your boss, or a Skype meeting with your colleagues or clients. You also need memos, notifications, and reminders for certain tasks. Phew!

We’ve got some of the best Android apps to help you make working from home as organized and as comfortable as the pjs you’re working – you dirty thing.


Dropbox: 9/10

This one’s a no ifs, no buts, must-have on your tablet or mobile. The most essential, of all the essentials. When it comes to sharing reports, presentations and large photo albums with your boss, client or colleagues, Dropbox is as fundamental as remembering to leave the house with your shoes on. Of course, it also has it’s own desktop version, where you can manage your account and synchronize everything between all your devices.

TeamViewer: 9/10

If you usually attend meetings when you’re not in the workplace, and need to access files that are stored on your computer, what’s the best way to go about it? TeamViewer is an app which lets you access and manage files in a remote way from any device. You can make different profiles (for Mac, Windows or Linux) to get your reports done, get your hands on that presentation that you finished yesterday morning, or even show your clients and your team at work the solution to certain problems. And as well as managing your computer remotely, you can also log into others workspaces if needed, without having to be present.

Slack: 8.1/10

Slack is the perfect tool for chatting with your colleagues at work. You can make different chat rooms with labels, so if you need to use a room for a meeting or a project, you can do it without causing any inconvenience. We like because apart from being really attractive and easy to use, it’s available on the web and via the mobile app.

Coffitivity: 8.3/10

If you’ve never worked from home before, it might feel a bit strange. Maybe the silence of your room weighs you down, in which case, this app is gonna come in handy. Coffitivity is an app which creates different background sounds; the real sound of a coffee shop, a university campus, or the murmur of a food hall. They are all available from the app, or the web version.

Remember The Milk: 7.4/10

And finally we’ve got a great app here for busy workers. Remember The Milk is a tool which allows you manage a your to-do list, and it’ll remind you what needs to be done everyday. The best thing is that you can categorize your tasks into topics (personal, education, work), that way, your life if covered, and you won’t forget a thing!



Source: appszoom.com




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