Entry Level Work at Home Jobs – No Experience Required

Entry Level Work at Home Jobs

In Today’s post I will cover a frequently asked question ” Which work at home companies hire entry level workers with no job experience?”. There are a variety of entry level opportunities available to those with little or no work experience, which can be done completely from your home.

Keep in mind that even though experience may not be needed, certain skills can increase your chances of opportunities that are available via the internet. I urge you to also check out freelance sites and creative writing opportunities if you are completely new to working from home.

Entry Level Phone Jobs – No Experience Required

  • Accolade Support – Virtual call center work from
    • home, handling customer service and tech support issues. No prior customer service experience is required, since virtual training is provided. They do prefer if you to possess certain skills.
    • 1-800-Flowers – Well known floral company that hires seasonal customer service reps for handling flower orders and inquiries during the busy holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. No past call center experience is required.
    • LiveOps – Work from home taking calls for infomercials. You are able to get hired with no past experience, they will provide online training if you’re selected.
    • NexRep – This company regularly hires for several work at home positions. No past experience is need to work for this company.
    • Sitel – This is a virtual call center that hires for home based customer service positions. On their careers page, it states no prior experience is required to apply.
    • Sykes – Sykes/Alpine Access doesn’t list any past work requirements that I can see on their website, so you may be able to get a job here if you’ve never done customer service work.
    • U-Haul –  Rental car company that has customer service and sales positions for remote workers. You can get hired as young as 16 years old, so no past work experience is needed.
    • Ver-a-Fast – Work from home assisting customers with newspaper subscriptions. You do not need past experience in customer service or in a call center to work for them.
    • Westat – Westat occasionally hires work at home data collectors. No prior experience is needed, they will provide training, once you are hired.
    • Working Solutions – This company offers a several work at home opportunities. No past experience is stated on their careers page, however certain skills are a plus.

    Entry Level Chat Jobs 

    • Needle – This is a online chat job that does not require any prior experience. You will chat with customers about brands.
    • Sitestaff –   SiteStaff occasionally hires online chat hosts to assist customers about the business and services offered. No past experience is required.

    Entry Level Data Entry Jobs

    • Axion Data – This company is rarely hiring data entry keyers to work from home. You can register on their site with no prior experience needed.
    • SigTrack – Entry level data entry jobs from home – keying in information from voter registration and petition forms. The work is seasonal and no past experience is needed.
    • Virtual Bee – Data entry work from home. No prior experience is required to sign up on on their site. This is not steady work, just a way to make some extra cash.

    ESL Tutoring

    • italki – Work from home teaching any language worldwide.This company accepts entry level tutors, as long as you speak a fluent language in your country.
    • SameSpeak –  If your first language is English, you can apply. No prior experience is needed and you will earn $10 for every 30 minute tutoring session you complete. You can sign up, as young as 16 years old.

    Editing & Proofreading

    • Pure Content –  Pure Content accepts entry-level writers & editors. No prior editing and writing experience needed.


    • ICUC –  ICUC hires work at home moderators in the US & Canada. No past experience required, they will provide training for the position.
    • LiveWorld – This company seems to always hire online community moderators. This is entry level work with no prior moderating experience needed.

    Entry Level Tasks & Gigs

    • Amazon Mturk –  Short task site that pays to complete anything from data entry to writing. Anyone can sign up, no experience required.
    • Elance –  Lots of project-based work in many different industries. Most projects are entry level jobs that don’t require any experience, but certain skills will help you land an opportunity.
    • Fiverr – Get paid $5 to do just about anything. Anyone can sign up worldwide.
    • Odesk – This site has lots of work available in different categories worldwide.  Anyone can sign up with no experience.

    Entry Level Telemarketing/Sales

    • Brighten Communications – Work from Home Telemarketing. A landline line phone and fax machine and/or printer is needed. No experience required.
    • Goodcall – Work from home making sales calls. It’s doesn’t appear that prior experience is needed to make calls for Goodcall.
    • eDegree Advisor – This company is formerly known as Helios Medios. You will making outbound telemarketing calls from home. No experience needed. Lots of complaints about this company.

    Telephone Research

    • Maritz Research –  US only, work from home conducting phone research interviews. No prior experience is required before applying.
    • ORC International – This company work needs Telephone research Interviewers to conduct surveys for Fortune 500 companies. You can get hired with no past experience.

    Entry Level Tutoring Jobs

    • Reasoning Mind – Entry level tutoring from home. Very flexible work for US residents only. You do not need any tutoring experience to apply.
    • Tutor.com – Online tutoring. You can make your own schedule and tutor when you’re available.

    Telephone Mystery Shopping

    • Call Center QA – Telephone mystery shopping work from home. Sign up is simple with no prior experience needed.
    • Intelichek – Telephone mystery shopping work for US residents and canadians. No past work experience is required.
    • Perception Strategies – Healthcare telephone mystery shopping work. You do not need prior experience in the healthcare field.

    Virtual Assistant Jobs

    Big list of companies that hire entry level virtual assistants for different assignments.

    • Fancy Hands – Entry level tasks for Virtual Assistants. The website does not specify if prior experience is required.
    • Superhuman  – No experience needed.Work at home as a virtual assisting coordinating client’s schedules. Non-phone.

    Entry Level Writing Jobs

    Full time entry level writing jobs, done from anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and an internet connection.

    • BlogMutt – Get paid to write blog posts for BlogMutt’s clients. This is basically ghostwriting, where you are paid if the clients like your work.
    • Content Divas – If you can impress Content Divas with a writing sample, you may get a writing opportunity for this company.
    • Crowd Content – Another freelance writing site that pays twice monthly. They aren’t always accepting new writers, but it’s definitely worth checking out for future opportunities.
    • Demand Media – You can sign up and start writing with no past experience.
    • Domainite – You must submit a writing sample to get approved to write here.
    • Ezdia – Freelance writing content sites they require a writing sample.
    • Internet Brands – This is a fairly large company that manages content for several major companies. They also require a writing sample.
    • Textbroker – You can sign up with Textbroker with very little writing experience. A short writing sample may be required and that will determine how much money you will make.


Source: dreamhomebasedwork.com


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